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Alcott is a 24 year old rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. He began writing at a very young age, with early aspirations of one day becoming a famous author. He became enamored with Hip-Hop at age 10 upon discovering Lecrae. Ever since then he obsessively studied every style that the genre has to offer, from Boom Bap to Horrorcore. He discovered his own talent for rapping while joking around with friends in high school and then decided to pursue it seriously upon reaching college. He began to find success by entering numerous rap contests on the internet, most notably, he was selected as one of two winners for Lecrae's Set Me Free Remix Challenge. After placing in the top 10 of Futuristic's Cool AF Challenge as well as his Now or Never Challenge in 2020, Alcott and Futuristic released a collaborative single, Before the Lord Take Me, in May of 2021. In 2022, Alcott was selected as a Rapzilla Freshman. 2023 will see the release of his debut album, What's a Man to Do?, as well as a handful of other projects yet to be announced. Alcott is known for his confident, polished delivery with a strong emphasis on cadence and wordplay. He credits artists such as Lecrae, Logic, Joey Bada$$, Tech N9ne and Royce da 5'9" as some of his biggest influences.

What’s A Man to Do? is the debut album by Nashville hip-hop artist, Alcott. The project is executive produced by Jesse Calentine, who previously teamed up with Alcott on his song Russian Roulette, as well as his 2021 collaboration with Futuristic, Before the Lord Take Me. Written sporadically over the course of three years, What’s A Man to Do? explores what sorts of things drive and motivate us as human beings in the search for purpose and belonging. Themes of ambition, pride, bitterness, insecurity, trauma, uncertainty, faith, determination, and hope are all present throughout the tracklist. Alcott does little to explicitly differentiate between the toxic and the fruitful and instead chooses to let tone and sequencing speak to that question. The guest list features top-tier lyricism from the likes of Jon Connor and Jarren Benton, as well as excellent performances by Michael Minelli, Ruslan, and more.

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